A fascination with sneakers is by no means a new craze. We can trace the growth and popularity of sports-related footwear to the late 1970s and early 1980s when Converse dominated the game and had signed two basketball legends – Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, but the real explosion of the market started with Michael Jordan and his signature shoe – the Air Jordan 1.

Since then, the world of sneakers and sports apparel changed forever. With his dominant game, charming personality, and high-flying dunks, Jordan brought the popularity of basketball to a whole new level. Everyone wanted to be like Mike, which was a perfect situation for Nike who partnered with a young superstar on his way to becoming the greatest of all time.

Jordan’s popularity opened doors for other athletes to get other sources of income and promotion. His influence gave another source of motivation for future players – the pursuit of their signature sneaker.

The exponential growth of the sports apparel market allowed talented hustlers to test their skills by combining work with passion. In the past, the most successful resellers had connections and knew the best locations where to buy and resell desired sneakers.

However, the life of a modern sneaker reseller is quite different. The necessary qualifications that allow you to succeed in this business have increased and drastically changed. Today, the work of a reseller includes remote server setups, task automation with bots, and proxy server use. Experienced hustlers are very technically literate and often choose to buy sneaker proxies to push the boundaries and get better chances at acquiring limited edition sneakers. The best sneaker proxies come from legitimate proxy providers, which we recommend checking out if you seek more knowledge on the subject. For now, let’s go over a skillset and tools used by sneaker resellers that help them earn a profit.

Finding the loopholes

Due to a pandemic, the amount of real-life limited-edition sneaker drops has plummeted. Today, most sports apparel brands sell these products through online shops, which creates a lot of technical loopholes that resellers love to abuse. While retailers try to randomize the number of allowed checkouts for a single IP address to give everyone a fair chance, experienced hustlers use every tool at their disposal to bypass limitations and walk away with multiple pairs of sneakers, leaving casual customers in the dust.

Utilizing sneaker proxies

While beginner resellers may avoid investments into their craft until they accumulate more knowledge and experience, old-timers do not hesitate to get the main tool that helps them dominate sneaker drops – sneaker proxies.

A simple proxy server with a good pool of residential IPs helps us diversify our connections and send multiple checkout requests through network identities. While it is easy for a receiving web server to see multiple attempts coming from one address, proxies make you look like a group of people, drastically increasing your chances of a successful purchase.

Sneaker proxies are the next step and a worthy investment due to location targeting and compatibility with the most popular sneaker bots. With well-chosen IPs that come from real devices, these addresses are hard to catch as potential impostors, an occurrence that is common with cheaper datacenter proxies.

Change your location

While most sneaker resellers target limited edition drops from the comfort of their own home, changing your location contributes to maximizing your chances of buying rare sneakers. By renting out a Virtual Private Server (VPS), you can change the location of your system and reap the benefits – superior internet speed, faster connections to retailers, as well as stability and protection. Modern sneakerheads always look for a VPS that is close to a retailer to get the fastest possible access to a checkout and cop as many sneakers as possible.

Using sneaker bots

With a pairing of a VPS and the best sneaker proxies, sneaker resellers have the perfect circumstances to automate their purchases with sneaker bots. These tools come with different functionalities and price ranges. Some choose simple browser extension bots to automate simple checkouts, while others invest in advanced robots with many functions that help simplify, scale, and accelerate your purchases.

It is necessary to use the mentioned tools in unison because their combination is the only way to achieve optimal or at least sufficient results. While you will most certainly outperform casual customers in these sales, there will still be hundreds if not thousands of other resellers utilizing the same tools to maximize their chances in limited-edition drops. When bots compete with other bots, location changes and sneaker proxies help us use multiple robots at once to gain strength in numbers and increase our chances.

While the mentioned tools may seem like a cheat code that will help you hoard limited-edition sneakers, you will compete against many modern sneaker resellers that also utilize them to get a competitive advantage. Once you are familiar with software that allows us to scale and automate sneaker purchases, the rest depends on technical literacy that will help you strive for a skill ceiling and get the most out of the tools at your disposal. Because the internet brings a lot more competitors to the sneaker market, being a hustler in the XXI requires you to be a geek. Trying new sneaker bots, tinkering with sneaker proxies, and looking for the best remote servers is a continuous process that will help you adapt to changing circumstances and score big in the next limited-edition sneaker sale!