Do you know there is a cyber-attack affecting one in three Americans in a year in every 39 seconds? The University of Maryland did this research. The report also stated that non-secure passwords and usernames gave the cyber attackers a high chance of success. This article will discuss the importance of cybersecurity in business executives.

Understanding what cyber security is

Cyber security is an operation that offers organizations or businesses protection against cyber attacks created to damage network systems.

What cyber security threats can a business face?

Cyber security threats continue to increase every day, and it is essential for business executives to always check for liabilities in their companies. Read do on to discover the cyber security threat you may face in your business.

1. Malware threat

The first threat you may encounter in your business is malware software. Malware hacks devices by stopping them from operating or slowing down their functioning rate; this threat uses viruses, worms, and Trojan malware to destroy the computer’s systems. The malware threat works by sending an infected link to your computer to download it. Once you have downloaded, the hackers can access your company’s files, passwords, and banking data.

2. Ransomware

Ransomware is another security threat you can face in your business, and it is a precise form of malware that encrypts your computer system. You cannot access your computer system once a ransomware attack has been released to your computer by the hackers. For you to regain back access, you have to pay the cybercriminals.

3. Phishing threat

Phishing is the third threat you can encounter in your company, and it ploys someone into downloading damaging messages. The unsafe messages usually look like regular emails with business names, attachments, and logos persuading you to take action. When you open the link, the hackers get into your system.

4. Data braches threats

A data breach is stolen data from your system without your authorization. Breach threats are executed through the point of sale systems or your network systems, and this happens if the hackers find a doorway or weak points to your business’s online security systems.

5. Passwords that are compromised

The last threat that can cause harm to your business is compromised passwords, which happens when you accidentally log into a fake website. Using common passwords and user names can also lead to cyber attacks as they make it easy for hackers to guess the passwords. Ensure you have created solid passwords for your business and personal accounts.

The benefits of cybersecurity in business executives

Today, businesses have progressively taken the digital world, which has led to increasing cyber-attacks in organizations. This article shall discuss the importance of cyber security in a business organization.

1. Cyber security improves business security

Improving your business security is the first benefit of having a cyber security system. When your website’s server gets a data breach, it may cause a massive loss in your business before the issue is solved, so you, the business owner, always ensure you use cybersecurity measures to secure your business website from hackers.

2. Cyber security offers an IP address for your business

Cyber security helps your business by providing an IP address. If your company uses a Virtual private network(VPN), an IP address makes it much easier for your employees to work remotely. For the company’s efficiency, you can check your IP also here to act as your business server host. The IP also helps your clients and employees to find your web service easily. Ensure you get the IP address to boost your business services and maintain your brand.

3. Cyber security enhances data management

The second benefit of cyber security in your business is that it improves data management. When it comes to business, analytics and the data of your products are the fundamentals of your business; losing them may damage your business. Cyber security ensures that your business data is fully secured.

4. Cyber security offers complete control to your business

Cyber security gives you control over your external and internal processes by giving you accountability for your company’s strategic security management. It is a method used to monitor who gains access to your computer systems and resources, reducing data loss.

5. It increases productivity

The last benefit of cyber security is that it helps to increase the productivity of your business by protecting your system from the cybercrimes


Cyber security is the way to go if you want your business safe from hackers.