You may not think that you need an extensive toolbox if you regularly work in an office environment. But a toolbox can be useful for any type of business and may come in handy when you least expect it.

Here are some of the most essential tools that your business should have:

– Spirit levels

When hanging a picture in your office, you’ll probably want to go the extra length to make sure it is in the right spot to make a good impression on clients and employees. A spirit level can help ensure that it is perfectly straight and looks professional.

– Drill set

A drill set can be useful when taking care of minor repairs or hanging a larger picture. Tools should meet the necessary requirements to be used in the workplace and should be checked for safety. When choosing a drill set go with a high quality one, such as a Milwaukee drill set, which includes all the tools you need, including batteries and accessories.


PPE clothing should be carefully chosen according to government regulations. You may be required to use certain kinds of protective clothing and equipment in your workplace. But if you are simply looking to protect your employees from harm when carrying out minor tasks, there are many options you can easily find online, which include hard hats and reflective vests.

 – Measuring tape

A measuring tape is also something you shouldn’t go without since you never know when you might need to measure a space to place a new office desk or any other furniture.

 – Pliers

Pliers can help you remove any unsightly nails that might have been left in the wall or that weren’t correctly placed. Pliers are always useful to have.

Of course, Hammers, nails and a good screwdriver are equally as important as the other tools mentioned.

Safety precautions

Along with the most important tools, don’t forget to pay attention to safety regulations and keep a first aid kit nearby. Training staff on how to act in case of an emergency can make situations in which it is imperative to act quickly easier to handle. A first aid kit should include essential items such as band aids, bandages and a disinfectant spray. Show your employees how to use them and how to care for others who may have been hurt. Ensure that everyone working in your company knows who to contact in case of an emergency and how to reach them. It may make sense to appoint more than one employee as the person in charge.

When using tools, it is always best if a professional carries out the task, but if this isn’t possible, safety measures should ensure that tools are used in the right way.