Starting your own dog grooming business is an exciting venture, but not one to be taken lightly. You have a huge responsibility for taking care of someone else’s pet. It’s up to you to ensure each dog is looked after and professionally presentable when you’re done. You’ll also need to think about what kind of services you’ll be offering. Here you’ll find the pros and cons of salon and mobile dog grooming.

Mobile Pros

Offering your services as a mobile dog groomer comes with plenty of benefits. The main one is how much flexibility you can get. You can choose the hours you work, how many clients you’ll have in a day, and how far you’ll travel. You can make your mobile service fit around your life. Plus, as you’re going into the dog’s home, they will feel more relaxed and at ease as you treat them. You also don’t have to worry about the costs of paying rent.

Mobile Cons

Unfortunately, there are also cons when it comes to mobile grooming. You can only work on one dog at a time so in order to make substantial money, you have to work long hours. You need to invest lots of money to ensure you have reliable transport. For instance, GAP insurance is a necessary investment to protect your vehicle.  The name refers to the gap between the amount your insurer pays you in the event of an accident and the amount you paid for the car. This option makes sense for those buying a brand new vehicle.

Salon Pros

What are the benefits of working in a salon? It gives you that professional edge and can be a strong selling point for potential clients. It’s important to research the area you want to set up your salon, so you can offer something different from your competition. Plus, you’ll be able to make profits quicker than mobile service as you can work on different dogs at the same time. A salon also offers more structure for your business and an opportunity for you to grow and hire a team.

Salon Cons

However, there are cons to salon dog grooming. It’s expensive to rent a property and you need to go through lots of paperwork to make sure you’re legally allowed to run your business. Working on different dogs at the same time can be hard to manage and create a very noisy salon. Generally speaking, you’ll have more to manage. You’ll have to do admin tasks alongside grooming.

When starting your own pet grooming business it’s important to pick the option which will suit you the most. It’s important to take time planning rather than taking action straight away. What made you want to become a dog groomer?