Today we will find the answers to what is music marketing. How does it work? And some music marketing strategies you can follow.

If you want something to reach a mass audience, then you will need marketing. The same goes for music. If you are not aware of music marketing and don’t follow the music marketing strategies, then this may be the reason behind people not listening to your music.

What is Music Marketing and How Does It Work?

If you are a music producer and you want your music to go viral then you may need some music marketing.

In simple words, music marketing is the process of raising awareness for your music or promoting it. Music marketing is often called music promotion. Some may differentiate hardly between music marketing and music promotion. But we believe there is not much of a difference.

It is really difficult to reach a wide audience, no matter how good your music is. Especially if you are new in the market. Maybe you publish music on YouTube, social media, or maybe you aim to make some direct sales. But there are countless old music already available and thousands of new ones are coming every day. So, chances are, people won’t notice you or your music. This is where music marketing starts working.

Following some essential music marketing strategies will help your music to reach a bigger audience. Here read on about ten music marketing strategies that you can use.

10 Music Marketing Strategies

1. Find Your Fans or Who May Like Your Music

A very important goal of music marketing is to find your audience base. You have to find out who is your fan and who may want to listen to the kind of music you create. If you have enough idea about your potential audience base, you can make your promotions more effective.

2. Have a Website of Your Own

To establish your online presence, you must have a website of your own. You have full control over your website: sell music and other relevant products, publish blogs, and promote your music the way you want. You can promote your music, self-brand, and attract a new audience through the website.

3. Make a Social Media Presence

Even though it is getting harder to make an impact on social media, it is still quite achievable. If you are following the right way and your music is good enough, you can make an impact on social media. 

Try to create a strong social media following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  It can make a good difference in your upcoming act. Simply promote your music, tell people about its story, announce release dates, go live, write posts, arrange meetups,

Paid ads can also be a good option if you don’t have a huge follower base. But don’t hesitate to grab all the opportunities you have for free.

4. Focus on Creating Non-Musical Content Too

People love to feel a connection with the musicians. Some non-musical content can create some interaction between you and your listeners. A nice piece of writing, your high-quality pictures, your personal influence give a new context to the music. It’s all about how the music and the music artist is presented to the audience. Creating a positive impression is a very effective way of music marketing.

The writings could be anything based on your experience. Follow these three articles as examples of music contents:

5. Blogs, Playlists, and Press

Take your time. Create a nice artist bio and press release. Then find the press members and gather as many contacts as you can. Then write an email to everyone till you get enough response. This might be frustrating but don’t lose hope. Try to reach all the relevant blogs, playlists, press outlets, and lifestyle bloggers.

6. Email Marketing for Music

Email marketing can be a nice strategy for music marketing. It is highly effective for raising your profile, building a community, making money from the music, and creating a connection. Your fans will also be happy to get an email from you. You can do email marketing to promote your new song, make sales, selling tickets for a concert, singing up for an event, etc.

Try to offer something extra to make your email marketing more effective. Maybe some discount or a free download link can highly increase the click-through rate.

7. Doing Cover Versions

People may haven’t heard your original creations yet but, they must have heard popular songs. If you want to create a fan base you can also try to make a nice cover of the popular songs. If they like your covers, it will naturally drive them to your profile or listen to your original songs.

8. Arrange Collaborations

Teaming up with another extremely talented or popular musician like you is an awesome music marketing strategy. In this way, you can actually share each other’s fan or follower base. Your audience will also love to see something different sometimes. Successful collaborations will give you some new visibility and followers.

9. Invest in Your Music

Paid marketing can be a bit costly but not a bad option. There is a whole bunch of options for paid music marketing. You can try paid ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

You can also invest in your website by doing SEO, publishing blog, improving looks, etc.

Finding a music marketing agency can be an easy way. They will do what you need to market your music.

10. Do Not Ignore Your Existing Fans

Always show some gratitude to your existing fans because they are all you have at this moment. Also, your fans often do the marketing for you. They may introduce your music to their friends. You can arrange meetups or giveaways for them.

Selling merchandise is also a good strategy to follow. It brings revenue and does some marketing at the same time. Your existing fans may want to buy a t-shirt, cap, or a cup with your logo.


Music marketing can take your music to a wide audience but, it’s all about producing high-quality music that people would love to listen. No matter which music marketing strategy you follow, it may take time to reach your goal. So, keep patience, focus on your music, and do follow the strategies mentioned above.