No matter how much we use Facebook for business and other reasons, the essence of Facebook, its very core is the system of friends. If we don’t have any friends on Facebook, the purpose of socializing on a social network is kind of meaningless. In fact, Facebook, won’t really be a social media platform and just a marketing platform if you take friends out of it. When you suggest a friend to someone else, it helps connect two people who might have a mutual interest and can bond/develop a business partnership over it. You can help two budding entrepreneurs come together and lay the foundations of a future Fortune 500 company. You can introduce two people who you think might be good for each other and they might end up marrying each other. You can also connect two friends of yours who can fulfill each other’s professional needs. For example, if a friend of yours needs a photographer for his wedding, you can suggest a photographer friend to that person and they will both benefit from that suggestion. The “suggest a friend” feature on Facebook allows you to connect people who you think might benefit from knowing each other. This feature is especially useful when someone is new to Facebook and doesn’t really have many friends. This online tool is similar to how you might introduce your friends to each other in real life. Facebook also allows users to “present” your friends to your other buddies on the platform. In case you are wondering how to use the “suggest friends” feature of Facebook, this post has got you covered. 

How to Suggest Friends on Facebook: Steps to Follow

The more friends come together on Facebook, the more exciting the experience will be. Friends can share some posts which might interest more people in their group and they can all engage with the same post. For example, a group of basketball-loving friends can engage over a Michael Jordan post shared by someone. Suggesting friends allows you to suggest a friendship between two people who you believe should be friends. If you want to suggest one of your friends to somebody else, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Go the profile of the friend you want to suggest to someone else.
  • Take your cursor over the icon that says “Friends”.
  • Select “Suggest Friends”.
  • A pop-up window will open, containing the names of your Facebook friends.
  • Select the friend whom you want to send the suggestion to, and select “Suggest Friend”.