Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media sites. It holds more than 1 billion monthly active users. In addition, there are about 1000 photos uploaded on Instagram each second. However, you can’t view all of those as all accounts are not public. 45 percent of these Instagram accounts are for personal use and are not open to the public. So, how do you see photos and posts uploaded to a private account? This is one question that most people ask. And if you are also a part of this large pool of people, look no further, as we are here to help. This article will let you know how to see private Instagram.

A Guide To Viewing Private Instagram Account

Below you are going to find all the relevant information concerning the topic. However, we have brought down this guide into different pieces to assure a better understanding of our reader, so without wasting any further time in the discussion, let us walk through the content. Please have a look.

What Are Private Instagram Accounts

Before letting you know how to see private Instagram accounts, it’s essential to discuss a bit about what personal accounts themselves are. So, the concept evolved in early 2018 when Instagram introduced a new feature to their followers: The Private accounts.

Main Idea Behind Private Accounts

The main idea behind this step was to take the security and privacy concerns to a higher level. Let’s explain the case in detail. So, Instagram is a site where people post pictures related to their day-to-day life. Most of these pictures portray themselves working at the office, spending quality time with their family at any picnic spot, resting at home, and even working out at the gym. Hence, no matter the activity, you name it, and it is on Instagram.

Thus, the site reveals more personal (sometimes sensitive) details about the account holder than any other social networking site. This situation made people realize that they are leaking sensitive information about themselves to people they don’t even know.

Nevertheless, Instagram was efficient enough to realize this problem and produce the solution through private accounts.

As the name elaborates, private Instagram accounts are accounts that no one can follow at any time. Instead, the non-followers must request the account owner for permission so that they can access their accounts and view posts.

However, in today’s world, the concept of private Instagram accounts is more than that of privacy concerns. Today, it is said to be a source of attracting more followers to the account. Wondering how? Let’s understand the case with an example. For instance, you are an entertainer- a meme maker who owns a private Instagram account. Now, one of your followers likes your post and wants their friends to have a look at it as well. Directly, they will send the link to your post to their friends.

Nevertheless, the other person won’t be able to view the post until they follow you. The same is why brands nowadays use these accounts to enhance their overall fan following, so how do you make your Instagram accounts private? Keep on reading to find the answer.

How To Make Instagram Account Private

Your Instagram account is set to “Public” by default. However, transforming it into a personal account is a simple thing. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get the task done.

  • In the top right corner, Instagram’s setting menu is hidden behind the hamburger button on your profile page. Click upon it, and a lot of fresh features will get displayed.
  • Access your settings from the cog. The cog must appear at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now, go to Privacy> Account Privacy and activate an option that says “Private Account.

However, changing your account’s setting from public to private will affect your existing followers. Hence, if you have any person on your follower’s list that you don’t want to be in there, you must remove it manually. To remove any of your followers:

  1. Go to your profile< Follower count.
  2. Scroll through the list to find that one annoying follower. You will see a big button saying “Remove.”Tap on it, and you are all done.

5 Ways To See Private Instagram Account In 2022

Now that you know all the essentials about a private Instagram account and know how to make your Instagram account private, let us now look at all of those tricks you can use to view personal Instagram accounts.

Option 1: Send The Follower’s Request.

The first, foremost, and easiest method of the whole list is to ask for permission. Go to the Instagram account you are willing to follow and send the follower request. Don’t be anxious. Instead, give some time to the person to act on your request.

However, remember that the person on the other side would have a look at your Instagram account as well to judge you and your personality before letting you access their story. So, try to build a good reputation by maintaining your account positively. We recommend posting decent photos of nature for this purpose (especially if you request a female).

Moreover, having a familiar friend is another plus point you can enjoy as it increases the chances of accepting your request. You can also send them a direct message explaining your feelings about why you want to follow that account. Also, please encourage them to check out your profile.

Option 2: Use A Private Instagram Viewer

The following way in the list of how to see private Instagram accounts is using “Private Instagram Viewers.”There are many of these tools available in the market, such as iStaunch.

All you must do is, enter the Instagram account name in the given box and tap on the bottom: View Private Instagram Account. And that is it. All posts, videos, and photos will be displayed on your screen.

Option 3: Create A Fake Account

Before informing you about the process, we want to tell you that this method is purely unethical and against the site’s official “Terms and Conditions.” So, try this method at your own risk if you want to.

With that said, let’s start the process. First, try to make your fake account with the girl names as Instagram accounts owned by females obtains more significant chances of approval. Avoid using unreal and cringy names for titles such as Innocent Alexa, Pretty Fairy, and Amazing Alyana. Instead, go for more attractive terms such as Alexandra Andrew, Erica Fernandes, Barbra Peter, etc.

Upload a real photo. Instead of taking a picture from Google and uploading it on the site, you can ask your female friends for help, or you can visit any female public account on Instagram, screenshot one picture and upload it on the site (don’t use photographs of actresses)

The next step is making your profile interesting. Follow different celebrities, and upload pictures (at least 8- 12). Another great idea for this purpose is setting your account to private. This will create curiosity in the person on the other side to follow you. Once you do all the recommended stuff, send a follower request to your target. If you are lucky enough, your request will be accepted. However, if it is not, try to explain your intention by sending your target a direct message.

Option 4: Use Online Tools

You can use online spy tools for viewing private Instagram accounts without asking for permission from the owner. There are many apps available for this purpose on the internet. These apps expose the content of that account, including all the videos, music, photos, textual posts, etc. These spy apps also allow you to track the smartphone location of your target and view their smartphone activities. There are thousands and millions of these apps available online. However, remember that their free version is only available for a short span. Hence, you may have to purchase their premium version if you wish to use them for longer.

Option 5: Create A Replication Of Their Friends

You can also create a doppelganger account of your target friend’s history. That means you are recreating the account of your target’s friend to convince them that it is their friend who is asking for access permission.

For this purpose, go to your target’s friend’s account that is public and copy all the essential information, such as the profile picture. Personal details, account posts, etc., and make a doppelganger from t. It is an effective way to view a private Instagram account.

Final Words

On the bottom line, Instagram is one of the popular social media sites. Two types of accounts exist on the site: Public and Private. Everyone can view the public account. However, one needs to ask for access permission to view the private Instagram account.

In the above content, we have discussed your Instagram account and how you can set your Instagram account to private. In addition, you will also find five effective ways how to see private Instagram account. So, make sure to read the whole article thoroughly.