We all love a good birthday party. It’s something we have been doing since we were very young. Blowing candles, making wishes, eating cakes and unwrapping presents. Birthdays always have sweet memories associated with them. There was a time when remembering everyone’s birthday was difficult. But now, with the help of Facebook, it’s very easy to keep track of birthdays. Also, all of your “friends” on Facebook can easily “remember” your birthday. Whether they are your colleagues or cousins that you only meet during family weddings. They will all remember your birthdays. However, when someone wishes you on your special day based on a notification on their Facebook homepage, it doesn’t really feel that special. Also, if you know that somebody remembered your birthday and took the time to message you directly without any prompts from Facebook, that gesture will become far more endearing to you. If you are interested in avoiding a litany of fake birthday wishes and find out who all remember your birthday without the help of any notifications, you can choose to hide it from everybody else on your Facebook account. Interested in doing that? This post has got you covered. Let’s find out.

Hiding Your Birthday on Facebook: Steps to Follow

The simple solution to stop others from getting notified about your birthday is changing the privacy settings of your birthday. You can choose to just make it visible to yourself so that others don’t get any notification on your birthday. We will cover the steps needed to hide your birthday on both PC and mobile apps. 

How to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook: PC Steps

Step 1: Open the Facebook website on your PC and log in with your account. Go to your profile page and click on About, located below the cover photo.

Step 2: Then, from the left sidebar, click on Contact and basic info.

Hide Birthday Timeline 2

Step 3: In the Contact and basic info option, scroll down and you will see Date of birth under Basic Information. Click on the “Edit” option next to the Date of Birth tab.

Hide Birthday Timeline 3

Step 4: Click the Audience selector icon next to the month and date and change it to the “Only me” option. Click on the Save Changes button.

Hide Birthday Timeline 4

How to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook: Mobile App Steps

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your mobile and go to your profile. Tap the Edit Profile option present below your profile picture.

Hide Birthday Timeline 5

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Edit your About Info. Then, on the next screen, again scroll down and tap the Edit option next to Basic Info.

Hide Birthday Timeline 6
Hide Birthday Timeline 7

Step 3: Tap the audience selector tool next to the Birthday option and choose the Only me option from the menu. Once you are done, tap on Save at the bottom of the screen.

Hide Birthday Timeline 8
Hide Birthday Timeline 9

Once that’s done, your friends won’t receive any birthday notifications and only you can see on Facebook when your birthday is. Once you have hidden your birthday on Facebook, you will know that all the wishes you get on your big day are from people who genuinely remember your birthday and made the effort to get in touch with you and wish you without a prompt from Facebook.