Ever since we’ve had sports, we’ve had sports betting. The two go hand in hand, like spaghetti and meatballs, milk and cookies, or even Jagermeister and Redbull. It is easy to see why, as a great way to enhance your enjoyment of sport is if you can also somehow make money out of it as well.

Imagine the scene; your team has made it to a big final, against all the odds. They are the underdog, but you have faith. You believe so much in destiny, that you place a bet on them to win. Your hunch was right, and now, not only have your team brought you happiness by winning, but you’ve got some extra dollars in your back pocket as well.

It can also work in the complete opposite fashion. You are nervous about your side in an upcoming match and think that they might lose. Therefore, you place what is known as an emotional hedge, where you bet against your team. So if they win, you’re happy, and if they lose, you’re not totally disappointed because you’re now just a little bit wealthier than you were before.

Betting in the US is becoming increasingly more popular, with as much as $26 billion being gambled in 2020. With more and more people getting involved with sports betting, we have also seen a massive increase in the number of sports betting apps available. When once you would only have a few to pick from, now it is difficult to know where to start if you are a rookie bettor, as the choice is endless. That’s why we are going to discuss some of the most powerful online betting apps, so you know which apple or android betting app you should be signing up to.

First and foremost, check the rules & welcome offers

Of course, the US has had an interesting history with betting and gambling. Given that every state has its own laws when it comes to gambling, it isn’t unusual to find that in one state something is legal, whereas just a few miles down the road, across the state lines the legislation on gambling can be very different. So what we will say is that no matter where you are based,  whether that is in the US, or anywhere around the globe, make sure to check your region’s rules and regulations before signing up and depositing your money.

One of the key things to bear in mind when you’re signing up for a new sports betting app is to see what their welcome offers are. These apps and websites will always be looking to attract new customers, so will promote attractive bonuses to get you in and involved. This might be in the form of a welcome bonus, where just for registering you will receive a free bet. It could be that you if you place a certain number of bets in quick succession, you’ll be treated to a free stake on the house. Or even by placing one bet, you then get up to four times that amount for free to place on sports of your choosing. All betting apps will have slightly different offers, so it is best to do some research to find the best one for you.

Which betting apps to look out for

Some of the biggest names in sports betting apps have been around for decades, long before the internet and the mobile app. Companies like William Hill, who were established all the way back in 1934, have one of the most impressive apps out there right now. They offer apps on every single major sport, such as Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Soccer, as well as Horse-Racing and Dog-Racing. Their app is available in a number of US states, including Colorado, Michigan and New Jersey. For new customers, you can qualify for a $500 deposit bonus when you sign up for the first time.

Another powerful name in the industry is the  BetMGM Sportsbook. MGM obviously have a long association with Las Vegas and casinos, so it is no surprise they moved into the online sports betting industry. Their app is available in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Indiana, and soon customers will be able to access it in Tennessee. They currently offer a bonus of up to $600 for new customers.

If you are a fan of Horse Racing, then the TVG Horse Betting App is the one for you, with a $300 bonus available on a first bet. Some other apps of note include 888Sports USA (matched bonus of $500), BetAmerica Sportsbook (a 100% match of any deposit up to $500) and PointsBet, which have brand ambassadors such as NFL’s Darrelle Revis and NBA star Allen Iverson.

As every person is different, as is every bettor. So make sure to do some research, so you can find the best betting app to suit your betting needs.