The internet is a spectacular place, buzzing with constant information, updates, and communication across the globe. Whilst there are uncountable websites on the internet, some specific ones outdo themselves in providing content value, being widely popular, and getting the most traffic. As a result, they end up earning a lot of income on a monthly basis.

These websites answer questions, ask questions, motivate, give knowledge, and serve some sort of a purpose in the daily internet user’s life, which is why it is important for the individuals running the blogs to be fast-paced and leave the user in awe.

There are more than a billion websites currently on the internet and around a whopping thousand websites are created every single minute. However, like Forbes once said, “great content seems to be an exception rather than a norm” which is why it is easy to pinpoint the best blogs on the internet today in terms of content, traffic, and revenue. However. Before we get to the blogs, it is important to mention that for an optimal web experience, you will need a stable internet connection that allows you to follow the content updated on the following sites on a daily basis. So, if you are looking for a reliable internet service, we highly recommend Spectrum Internet as it comes with incredible speeds and 24/7 customer support to facilitate you in the best possible way should something go wrong with your network.

With that said, let us drop the curtain and reveal the blogs with the most internet traffic:

1.  Huffington Post

How much it earns in a month: $14,000,000

This blog was launched at the start of 2005 and rose to fame shortly after. It initially started as a news and politics blog but now it has categories such as lifestyle and entertainment as well. Arriana Huffington created the blog but now she no longer owns it as she sold it to AOL for $315 million and at that time, she chose to be the editor in chief. It now is valued above 1 billion so AOL got extremely lucky and made a great investment at a great time. In terms of usability, the website is fast and very easy to navigate. The theme is simple so that the focus can be on the content.

2.  Engadget

How much it earns in a month: $5,500,000

A man named Peter whose hobby was to review tech gadgets originally founded this website and electronics and it gained a lot of popularity as people trusted the in-depth reviews and visited the website before making any tech-related investments. This website too was bought by AOL and now it offers more than just reviews. It has categories such as gaming, entertainment, audio, deals, and buyer’s guide. The website does feature advertisements on the top, which is a little turn-off, but the good user experience and great content make up for it.

3.  Moz

How much it earns in a month: $4,250,000

Most marketers, social media handlers, and people who run their own websites are well aware of this SEO (search optimization website) which allows the individuals to rank their content better and to help their website appear on Google search results. These days, SEO is the real game. The blog has a massive audience and a fun fact is that it started as a family business for design and then turned into the hub of SEO. It was also known as SEOMoz before. The user experience is quite exceptional, the site though needs a little understanding, is relatively easy to use for a technical website. The experience is smooth and provides great value. Some services are free whilst others are paid for.

4.  Mashable

How much it earns in a month: $2,000,000

Talk about dedication and never giving up! Peter Cashmore from Scotland started the Mashable blog and vigorously dedicated his time to it by generating new content every day based on his opinion and what was happening in general, all with a creative spin to it. The blog took off and now offers addictive content. Time Magazine has termed it as one of the best blogs to exist ever and that is saying something! Because Peter wanted to attract the top audience and focus on local content, Mashable has now expanded to nine countries to cover exclusive local content for the audience! The content is very relatable and that is what keeps people hooked to it. From articles about the best laptop and graduation gift ideas to controversial theories and super local content – Mashable has it all!

5.  TechCrunch

How much it earns in a month: $2,500,000

This website mainly operates as an all-in-one-spot solution for technology updates. Initially, its prime focus was on providing the top content for tech-savvy individuals. In 2010, AOL took over TechCrunch too. Now it aims to cover news on tech start-ups and start-ups in general and helps them raise revenue. It features the best of the best, so it is worth acknowledging if your startup has made it to TechCrunch’s eye. It also hosts numerous conferences around the world to help generate capital for start-ups and get them in the spotlight. Silicon Valley, a renowned television show also featured TechCrunch in recent times.

Final Words

Now that you know about these overwhelming, best content-serving websites, do you plan to start one of your own? Do not think of it as diving into an ocean and giving up, but as striving and giving your very best, and who knows, you might be featured in our next year’s article!