Writing has become a very sought-after skill. There’s an increase in demand for written pieces, whether articles, creative writing, opinion pieces, or even scholarly writing; there’s always a need for writing and software or applications that can make this process just a little better.

“With time and the advancement of tech, everything has gotten better, and now we can find free writing software that makes it easier for when you want to start writing. They are powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) to aid in improving the output of your content,” – says Becky Stewart, a professional writer at PapersOwl. These writing tools usually have an array of features that can benefit you. Some of them can improve one’s overall work through spelling checks, with a grammar checker, and sometimes going as far as proposing stylistic changes to bring the piece to life and create a more engaging feel.

If you’re a writer and you’re looking for a piece of technology to help your process, then you’ve come to the right place. These are some top educational apps for Windows 10 users:


This is a top software for novelists. It provides its users with sophisticated tools to commence your next bestseller from scratch to finish. This is regardless of whether you use macOS or iOS. It offers features that are flexible.

You can choose a template that best fits the nature of your writing style and content. These templates range from those for essays, screenplays, or novels. One other awesome thing about Scrivener is that it automatically saves on a cloud, so you don’t lose your progress or have to worry about security measures. Also, you can track your progress while writing and personalize your work.           


If you can’t afford the services of a real text editor and you’re searching for a tool that can serve a purpose that is nearly as good, then ProWritingAid is one you can use. It is very similar to Grammarly. It provides reports that help you analyze and aid in your content’s general flow and quality, asides from just calling out errors. Working on it is convenient because it has a number of software integrations like MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, Open Office, etc.


If you’re looking for an alternative for Office and its Word Processor, then LibreOffice is for you. It is free and has a complete set of editing apps, a dictionary with multiple languages, and a thesaurus.  It also allows for different formatting types, whether simple or complex. And, you get to also interact with a community in the support forums, readily available to assist you with questions you may have. Generally, it is more sophisticated than Microsoft Word.


This top writing app caters to basic writing needs, including research papers, essays, or even your classroom notes. It allows students from colleges with great writing programs to scribble notes, make lists of priority or to-do lists/checklists. All these are very important for your progress during whatever writing projects you embark on. The free plan only allows you 60MB of space, but upgrading is always an option you can consider for a small fee. On this platform, writers can collaborate, chat, and even add their works to certain categories. You can also sync between your different devices.


This software boasts over 10 million active users across the world. It is one of the most used writing apps, and this comes as no shock because of its easy user interface as well as the accuracy with which it performs grammar checking and spell checks. There is a free version available that provides effective albeit basic functions. You can access it across several platforms, making it very convenient to use. This offers edits based on clarity, readability, and overuse of sentences. This is best for short content other than long.

Google docs

This is another easy-to-use software. It requires no backup because everything is done on a cloud. One of the perks is that it allows live collaboration on the files. This will enable you to invite someone to the document or file, track the changes in suggestion mode, and see the word count. They can also leave and assign comments on your article or essay to better the ideas you have.


This has been available since the early 2000s and shares a striking similarity with Adobe InDesign. It is for design-oriented writers who care about the appearance of their works and the layouts of their page. It is a great alternative to the expensive design tool Adobe InDesign, and if you can use one, then using the other wouldn’t prove difficult. This app offers professional-grade publishing and amazing color management support. It is preferable for Short content and not book writing.


Because of the need for correct and errorless content, these are some options that both individuals and businesses can use. Some of the above listed have a mobile app and provide free versions that offer basic functions that are still effective. However, this might not always be sufficient as there’s always room to do better and improve the quality of your writing. You can always upgrade to the paid version for a fee to enjoy unlimited access.