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Get targeted, problem-solving, 1-on-1 paid media training sessions with Nsouly.

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Choose a date & time that work best for you and I'll be there to train you through Zoom.

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I'll go over your requirements and assess how many hours you need to complete the training. I'll start with basics of paid media and how it can be used to benefit your career or business.

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After the session, you'll have a better understanding of paid media and how to use it effectively.
Post-training support is available.

What will the training include?

Business Manager Setup

If you’re handling multiple accounts, then you will need to understand how to create a business manager and leverage its features in order to place all your clients in one place, add or remove users, create ad accounts, add pages… etc.

Ad Account Setup

Ad account setup is a must for you to start your campaigns. I will take you through what is an ad account and how to use it.

Pixel & Event Codes

This will cover everything you need to know on how to export the pixel and event codes and send them to a developer in order to implement them on the site.

Campaign Creation

The campaign creation process will be explained from A to Z. How to find and target your audience, how much budget you need to allocate, duration of the campaign, which objective to use and how to use them… etc.

Audience Targeting

Finding the right target audience for your business is extremely important. I will take you through the different options we have and how to use each.


Optimization is one of the most delicate changes you might need to do in order to reach your goal. I will take through different approaches to optimize your ads.

Glossary of Paid Media Terms

Social media marketing has tons of terminologies that you need to know and understand. Basic and advanced terms will be mentioned in the training.


The question that is being asked frequently. What’s the ideal size for an ad? This question has many answers and they will be provided in the sessions based on your case.

Reporting & Analysis

After the campaign ends or even during the campaign, it’s important to know how to analyze the numbers and create reports.


omar nsouly
YOUR digital marketing Trainer

I’m a digital marketing nomad on a mission to help businesses succeed in their online presence. I’m flexible, fast, accurate, and data-driven. 

My journey started with the creation of my own blog, which led me to learn and expand my perspective as a marketer.

My skills include: Lead generation, Create Awareness, Drive Traffic & Increase Conversion, Pay per click (PPC).

I’m passionate about building strong relationships with my clients, and strive to be open, honest, and transparent during all stages of the process.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and/or fill in the form at the bottom of this page!



What My Clients Say

Working with Omar is always a joy. He never made a step without knowing the audience to the tiniest detail, the objectives of not just the campaign but the whole project. In the fast paced world of digital marketing, Omar is always on top of the game, very proactive and demonstrates day after day that the project is his own interest and baby.
Georges Khabbaz
Project Manager
I have worked with Omar for almost a year. He handles the requests very professionally and efficiently. I would definitely recommend his digital solutions to anyone who's in need of it, as the results are always satisfactory.
Naja Sleem
Financial Manager
I've worked with Omar for years on paid social activities, including strategy, planning, campaign set up, execution and analysis and have always been impressed by the level and speed of service. Omar's experience across all social platforms has helped us scale our client's business across top funnel and direct response campaigns in all of MENA. I highly recommend his services.
Samer Chehab
Head of Social Media


Most frequent questions and answers

The average hourly rate for a Nsouly session is $49.99.

Business Manager & Ad Account Setup | Campaign Creation | Objectives & How To Use Them | Pixel & Event Codes Implementation | Optimizations | Creatives Compatibility | Reporting & Data Analysis 

The average length of a training session is 1.5 hours. It really depends on your requirements.

For example, people with zero knowledge will need more sessions to complete their training as opposed to people with basic knowledge in digital media marketing.

  1. Facebook ads
  2. Instagram Ads
  3. TikTok Ads
  4. YouTube Ads
  5. Twitter Ads
  6. LinkedIn Ads
  7. Snapchat Ads
  8. Pinterest Ads
  9. Amazon Ads (optional)
  10. Google Search (extra)
  11. Google Display Network (extra)
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